Makenzie - 8 months!

I really can't believe this girl is 8 months already...she is just changing and growing so fast!  She is still an angel and I couldn't ask for a happier or better baby!  These photos were about 1.5-2 weeks late cause I forgot to bring the stickers on vacation.

Eating Habits:
  • Give 5 bottles (5 oz. each) per day- total of 25 oz.  She has been finishing them all.
  • Starting just now to consistently give food 2x/day (about 3.5 oz each time).
  • We still give her Miralax each morning but still struggles with her poos.  

Makenzie Random Notes:
  • She has seemed to like all food we've given her.
  • Still not a big roller...just really doesn't do it often at all.  
  • Likes to sleep on her side- definitely moves around in her crib.
  • We know when she is getting very tired and she starts just moaning or humming...frequently does this when in her bouncy seat
  • Happily babbles (very loudly)- frequently is DaaaDaaaDaa
  • We have a sitter!!  She just kept getting better and better where we could gradually let go for longer and longer periods of time.  At 8 months, she can sit for a long time as long as you get her steady to start with.  I will leave her on carpet and walk away to do things...however, about 30-40% of the time I'll return to find her fallen over.
  • Still no signs of teeth breaking through.
  • She has figured out that jumping is fun in her jumperoo!
  • One night we were sitting at dinner and Lachlan just exclaims "BA!"  Makenzie just DIES laughing.  He kept doing it and she just kept laughing...it was the cutest thing ever!  So that was the first time I just really heard her let loose laughing...and the first time her and Lachlan really had fun playing together!
  • She typically wears 6/9 month clothes.  The one thing I hate about this first year is how they fly through clothing!  I feel like she has the CUTEST outfits, but yet not enough time to wear them!  I feel like her daycare room is very chilly, so most of her summer clothes she can only wear on the weekends.
  • Dustin attempted to put her in the swimming pool and let's just say she was not a happy camper.  I thought the water was too chilly, so I think she was just cold.
  • We drove to STL right before she turned 8 months and she was an ANGEL...seriously, this girl is spoiling me!  We had a 9 hr drive (which we split in 2 days) and we seriously heard her cough TWICE...other than that, not a peep.  I assume she slept most of the time, but don't know.  However, she was not pleased when we stopped the first night around 11:30pm at the hotel...she woke up and did not want to go back down in the PNP.  Took about an hour...and of course, Lachlan was concerned that baby was crying, etc.  It was a joy all sleeping together then when Lachlan's coughing woke him at 5am and he couldn't get back to sleep (and we were in the King bed with him).  So we stopped for sleep, but got very little!  (On the bright side did get delicious choc chip cookies cause we stayed at a Doubletree!)
  • New nickname is now Beebs-- got that from Lachlan calling her "Beebee."  Dustin still calls her Snork, but I don't really like that...or sometimes McChubbins.

Typical schedule:
  • Still no set nap schedule, which I'm fine with.  We left for STL for vacation right at 8 months, so I knew it would be hard to enforce a schedule there.  And then the week after we are back, she'll be moving to a new room at daycare.  I do think I will try to work with her new room to get on a better schedule and something that works for both school and home.
  • Well, she has started waking now as early as 4:30am...yuck!  The good news is that she happily goes into her swing, so then I can go back to bed until she really wakes for good. 
  • Bottle around 7am (or when she wakes)-- 5 oz.
  • Just starting to introduce some small breakfast (oatmeal or fruit) around 8:30-9.
  • She will maybe take a nap in the swing now- but just depends.
  • Bottle around 10:30 am--  5oz.
  • Food for lunch around noon-- about 3.5-4oz of a fruit or veggie.
  • Bottle around 1 pm-- may just do 5 oz in this one if was close to when she ate lunch.
  • Try to get her to sleep.
  • Bottle around 4:00-- 5 oz.
  • Bath every other night- about 6:45-7.
  • Bottle around 7:00-- 5 oz.  Give to her in her rocking chair and rock her for a few minutes before laying in the crib.  I pretty much hog this job every night cause am just in LOVE with her cuddles.  I have to force myself to lay her down cause just want to rock her forever.  This seriously has to be the sweetest, best baby ever- she is just so good! (Sorry Lachs, but a little bit of different experience than we had with him!)

First splash pad experience!

First Father's Day!

Love those big blue eyes when looking right at you!