Lachlan - 19 months!

  • Mainly wearing 18 month clothes still.  
  • He is getting his top left incisor tooth in and maybe some on the bottom, but is so hard to get a look!

How smart is Lachlan?
  • More improvement with using fork/spoon- I've let him practice scooping stuff like pudding or applesauce and he sometimes lucks out and gets it on the spoon, but still needs a lot of help.  He enjoys using the fork and is better with that than the spoon- he is fairly good at stabbing things with it.
  • He always gets his body parts right when asked to identify them and will now say the word on most items too.  Feet, Belly, Hair, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Elbow, Bebo, toes, hands, teeth (new), tongue (new), knees (new), pee-pee (new).
  • Can identify a ton of objects in books.  It is just absolutely crazy how we'll quiz him on the objects on a page and he knows nearly everything...just blows my mind!  I'm to the point where it is just impossible to list all the words he knows and such!
  • Daycare claims multiple times that Lachlan repeatedly counts to 5 as he plays with things...we are still very doubtful of this!

Favorite Things
  • LEARNING- He enjoys us counting and doing the ABCs.  In books, he still loves being quizzed about things...and he'll point to any objects on the page he doesn't know so we can tell him what it is.
  • ELMO- the boy is still extremely obsessed over Elmo
  • PUZZLES-  It was killing me how freaking expensive puzzles are...or I'm just looking at the wrong stores!  Lachlan has a few, but just absolutely LOVES them and was needing more.  We hit the jackpot cause his generous Uncle Keenan gave him a bunch of old puzzles...Lachlan has spent HOURS this last week mastering them.
  • SONGS- He loves when we sing action songs for him to do motions with or when we play a kids station on Pandora.  He really loves he ABCs...and loves a few books we have where I can point at the letters as I sing.  He loves Itsy Bitsy Spider and does the hand motions.  He does If You're Happy and You Know It- claps his hands, stomps his feet, shouts hooray, wiggles his ears, pats his head.  He does Wheels on the Bus- wheels, door, wipers, horn, driver, mommy, baby, and grandma.
  • LEGOS- He calls them "blocks."  We got a simple set of the Duplo Legos and he has just been engrossed with trying to build things with them...and also enjoys taking them apart.  He has a little bit of trouble getting them lined up right, so I help out a lot to get it lined up and then tell him "push"....he thinks it is so hilarious when I say push, and he'll sit there and wait for me to say it and/or will yell out "push" too.
  • MOMMY- most days lately he shows a definite favoritism towards me, which is so sweet, but annoying at times where I need for him to let Dustin or someone else hold him or play with him.

Random Other Bits:
  • Issue with biting still at daycare.  Lately he definitely seems to do it purposefully to be mean- e.g. another kid has an object that he wants.  I know it will eventually pass, but is getting very frustrating. 
  • He has finally started giving some real kisses rather than just blowing kisses.  I used to be a little scared of his real kisses cause was so afraid of him biting, but I realize now that he knows what kisses are and I don't think he would bite.
  • We took him over to a friend's house to watch fireworks for the Fourth.  We weren't sure he was going to be able to stay awake, but he made it!  We thought it was funny because when he heard some random fireworks go off before the show started, EVERY SINGLE TIME he would exclaim "Oh nooooo!"  We thought he was going to do it during the whole show, but once they started, he was just frozen sitting in my lap and had no comments!  Towards the end he finally threw in the towel and snuggled into me and closed his eyes and fell asleep....but the finale awoke him and he of course wanted "more!"
  • We've experience a few really mad tantrums lately, so that is no fun....but sometimes does make me chuckle.  His latest is if he gets really angry, he goes to our bedroom and SLAMS the door shut...and then doesn't want anything to do with us.  Most of the time his anger is over an ipad, iphone, or tv because we cut off his usage...so it is to the point that we feel like we just can't ever let him use the ipad/iphone cause of that tantrum that follows!  The problem is then if he sees us with it...so then means that we can not get out anything in front of him.

Typical Day at 19 months:
  • Same as 18 months

A few pictures from this last month:

Loves riding on dad's back or making dad do pushups with him on top!

Seeing big "choo-choos" at the Transportation Museum

Where's Lachlan?  Still one of his favorite games

Shouting HOORAY for If You're Happy and You Know It

And Lachlan was excited to discover he'll be having a little SISTER!